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Muck Boot Company




The Original Muck Boot Company is an authentic outdoor footwear brand founded in 1999 on the principles of weatherproof comfort, protection, and performance at the highest level.

Xtratuf is the go-to footwear brand for the commercial fishing industry in Alaska, where the iconic "Legacy" boot has been worn for over 50 years. 

Burnetie is a casual lifestyle brand focused on fashionable, lightweight comfort.  As a design consultant, I was challenged to expand this Chinese brand's product line in the context of American style.

In 1971, Rockport merged the comfort of athletic shoes with the style and sophistication of dress and casual footwear.  Click the link to see some of my contributions.


Reebok became an athletic footwear powerhouse in the 1980's with its introduction of women's aerobic styles. 

Today, the brand continues to redefine athletic footwear and the fitness industry.


This section is a work in progress.


This section is a work in progress.


The thought process revealed in this collection of mostly hand-drawn sketches.  Sometimes scribbled on a napkin or paper towel, they're not always pretty, but they are an integral part of the ideation process.

– Tyler Durden


Some of my favorite photos from my travels in China.


A collection of photos from Arizona.

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This section is a work in progress.

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This section is a work in progress.

Welcome... I'm a Footwear Designer and Product Developer with over 25 years of industry experience.  Most of my career has been spent working in-house for major brands like Converse, Reebok, and Rockport.  I'm currently a Senior Footwear Designer / Developer at Honeywell whose footwear brands include The Original Muck Boot Company, Xtratuf, Oliver, Ranger, Servus, NEOS, and Puddletons. 
I'm a firm believer that less is more.  I strive for clean, uncomplicated, efficiently manufacturable designs.  I believe that an innovative concept, accurate artwork in realistic proportions, and detailed technical specs are only the beginning.  The need for hands-on creative problem solving, effective communication, and cooperation in factory environments is an essential part of the process.  All of this, when combined with an understanding of consumer need and market trends, will get you one step closer to a successful product.
Equally adept at Men's, Women's, and Kid's footwear, I've designed across numerous categories from Basketball to Baby Booties.  I've designed and developed Athletic, Casual, Lifestyle, Outdoor, and Safety Footwear for domestic and international markets.  Over the years, I've created million pair sellers and some less successful models.  There have been many "wannabes", and "couldabeens".  But as any Designer will tell you, some of the best designs never see the light of day.  I present a few of them here in all of their unsung glory!
If you've read this far, thank you!  I'll be adding new work often, so be sure to come back and check it out.  If you're a Corporate Recruiter please download my resume from the menu above and feel free to contact me on LinkedIn.  Thanks!
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